Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, May 2012

The Top 20 songs on Acoustic Pie Radio are calculated by our host site Live365 using a formula.  While you’re listening to a song on the Pie, you have the option of buying it, putting it on your Wish List, or clicking Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.  The formula looks at how many times the song has played in a 30-day period versus how many times a listener has “voted” by clicking one of the choices available.  So a new song like James Hill’s “The Satisfactory Waltz”, which has only been in the rotation for a couple of weeks but already gotten a Thumbs Up or two, will shoot to the top of the voting results. And I’m not 100% positive, but I believe James might be the only artist on the Pie who accompanies his songwriting on the ukulele.

The formula also considers how many times someone changes the station or logs off in the middle of a song.  I look at that, too, when I’m deciding whether to keep a song on the stream for another month.  If a bunch of you keep changing the station in the middle of a certain song, I kind of get the feeling that it’s not working in the rotation!

But no one was changing the station during the twenty songs below this month.  I love every song on Acoustic Pie.  That’s how they make it into the rotation.  But I especially love seeing which are your favorites.

San Diego songwriters this month include Christopher Dale at no. 2, Carlos Olmeda at no. 11 and Tom Waits at no. 12.

So thanks for listening and for voting!



Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
May 2012

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. James Hill ~ The Satisfactory Waltz ~ Man with a Love Song
2. Christopher Dale ~ Hands ~ Songs I Know the Words To
3. Stephen Kellogg ~ Such a Way ~ Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
4. Sarah Kenvyn ~ Why ~ This is the Sea
5. Matt Costa ~ Sunshine ~ Songs We Sing
6. Alphaeus Taylor ~ War and the Widow ~ War and the Widow
7. Alicia McGovern ~ A Night on the Town ~ Words Through the Season
8. Jon Brooks ~ Safer Days ~ Moth Nor Rust
9. Christine Kane ~ She Don’t Like Roses ~ Rain and Mud and Wild and Green
10. Eric Taylor ~ Deadwood ~ Eric Taylor and Friends, Live at the Red Shack
11. Carlos Olmeda ~ A Devil Like Me ~ Sensitive Groove
12. Tom Waits ~ Grapefruit Moon ~ Closing Time
13. Teitur ~ I Was Just Thinking ~ Poetry & Aeroplanes
14. Nick Driver ~ Who’s Laughing Now? ~ A Kinda Love This World Could Never Burn
15. Michelle McAfee ~ My Sister Who Sings ~ Up in the Air
16. Matt Nathanson ~ Loud ~ Still Waiting for Spring
17. Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories ~ Sandalwood ~ The Very Best Of
18. Kyle Carey ~ Orange Blossom ~ Monongah
19. Kat Goldman ~ Letter from Paris ~ Gypsy Girl
20. John Spillane ~ Gortatogort (The Farm) ~ My Dark Rosaleen and the Island of Dreams


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