Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, January 2011

January 31, 2011

Two favorite San Diego artists are bracketing the Top 20 list this month:  Jakob Martin at no. 1 and Gregory Page at no. 20.

Thanks to all of the artists everywhere whose music makes me want to sing :)  And thanks to all the listeners who listen (and vote!)


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
January 2011
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Jakob Martin ~ Providence ~ Masking the Mirror
2. Girlyman ~ Everything’s Easy ~ Somewhere Different Now
3. Peter Mulvey ~ Coda: Ballymore ~ The Knuckleball Suite
4. Peter Bradley Adams ~ Better Way (Original Version) ~
5. Grey De Lisle ~ The Maple Tree ~ The Graceful Ghost
6. Syd ~ Here’s a Love Song ~ Week Days, Weak Knees
7. The Swell Season ~ Fantasy Man ~ Strict Joy [Deluxe Edition]
8. Steve Meckfessel ~ As Long as He’s Gone ~ King Easy Radio Sampler, Volume 6
9. Rachel Garlin ~ Bound to be Mountains ~ Bound to Be Mountains
10. Nancy K. Dillon ~ Portland ~ Roses Guide to Time Travel
11. Kesang Marstrand ~ Bodega Rose ~ Bodega Rose
12. Ellis ~ Blackbird ~ Break the Spell
13. Chivaree ~ Kyrie ~ The Garden
14. Stephen Fearing ~ The Longest Road ~ The Man Who Married Music: The Best of Stephen Fearing
15. Sonya Kitchell ~ Words ~ Words Came Back to Me
16. Sarah Hallman ~ No Ceiling ~ Likely
17. Ryan Bonner and the Dearly Beloved ~ Rise ~ Monsters in the Hallway
18. Lori McKenna ~ For You [Hidden Track] ~ The Kitchen Tapes
19. Jenny Whiteley ~ Half Life ~ Forgive or Forget
20. Gregory Page ~ Dusty Road ~ Bird in a Cage

Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, December 2010

January 3, 2011

I’m always happy to see Jonathan Byrd on the Top 20 list, especially at no. 1 as he is this month.  He’s the sort of contradiction that makes music resonate for me ~ a literate, lyrical poet with a beautifully natural, rootsy sound.

The Tom Waits album I stumbled across last month, The Early Years, is similar in that way.  But as much as I loved The Early Years, I did hesitate to add so many songs to the Acoustic Pie stream.   I don’t think the songs were intended for public release and there are serious pitch problems, especially with the guitar!  But I took the leap and I was happy to see that none of you hit the “Don’t Like” button or changed the channel during the Waits’ songs.  I hope that you found, as I did, that the songs are astonishingly beautiful despite (or because of?) the raw performances.  “I Want You” (the song voted in at no. 6 this month) has to be one of the simplest yet prettiest love songs on the stream.

San Diegans always claim Tom Waits as one of our own.  The credentials are a little sketchy but I’ll accept the precedent and say that he’s joined this month in the Top 20 by San Diego’s highly credentialed and in-residence artists The Donnis Trio (no. 17).

Thanks for listening and thanks for all of the holiday greetings, too!  I love hearing from you!


Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1.  Jonathan Byrd ~ The Law & the Lonesome ~ The Law and the Lonesome
2.  Patty Griffin ~ Heavenly Day ~ Patty Griffin: Live from the Artists Den
3.  Mark Erelli ~ Hope Dies Last ~ Delivered
4.  Karla Anderson ~ Hold On ~ King Easy Radio Sampler, Volume 5
5.  Ellis Paul ~ Hurricane Angel ~ A Summer Night in Georgia
6.  Tom Waits ~ I Want You ~ The Early Years
7.  Deb Talan ~ Rocks and Water ~ A Bird Flies Out
8.  The Chapin Sisters ~ Drop Me ~ Lake Bottom LP
9.  Brian Vardigans ~ Springhill ~ Springhill
10.  Tom Kimmel ~ Pages ~ Light of Day
11.  Peter Mulvey ~ Road to Mallow ~ Kitchen Radio
12.  Patty Griffin ~ Tomorrow Night ~ 1000 Kisses
13.  Krista Detor ~ Recklessness & Rust ~ Chocolate Paper Suites
14.  John Spillane ~ Soon Child ~ Will We Be Brilliant or What?
15.  Jennifer Leonhardt ~ Dido ~ Minstrel’s Daughter
16.  Emily Kurn ~ If I Am an American ~ Things Change
17.  The Donnis Trio ~ Bound to Find My Way ~ All Directions
18.  Cheryl Wheeler ~ Since You’ve Been Gone ~ Defying Gravity
19.  B. W. Stevenson ~ On My Own ~ Lead Free/B.W. Stevenson
20.  Matt Nathanson ~ Angel ~ At the Point