Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, December 2009

December 31, 2009

Hello, all!

We have a very well-rounded list of favorites to finish off the year:  A few big names like Damien Rice and Rosanne Cash, some stars out of the Boston singer/songwriter scene like Ellis Paul and Deb Talan of the Weepies, some premier Nashville artists (Abbie Gardner and Gretchen Peters), a healthy dose of stellar songwriters who have yet to find their big audience and the wonderful Nathan Welden representing San Diego’s singer/songwriter scene.

Listeners also showed a literary inclination this month by singling out Kelly Mulhollan of Still on the Hill (no. 10) and Kris Delmhorst (no. 14).  I love both of those albums, coincidentally similar in title and inspiration.  Kelly composed gorgeous, melody driven songs to the words of favorite poets such as William Blake and Langston Hughes and then wrapped the pieces in his intricate, lilting, acoustic arrangements.  Kris took more liberty with her favorite poems adapting verse by Walt Whitman, E. E. Cummings and others while also including some original works about literature such as this month’s no. 14 (a wonderful song) which describes Virgil’s deathbed.

Happy New Year!  As always, thanks for voting and thanks for listening!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio
December 2009
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1.  Abbie Gardner and Anthony da Costa ~ Better Days ~ Bad Nights / Better Days
2.  Gretchen Peters ~ Summer People ~ Burnt Toast and Offerings
3.  Damien Rice ~ 9 Crimes ~ 9
4.  The Weepies ~ All That I Want ~ Happiness
5.  Ellis Paul ~ Hurricane Angel ~ A Summer Night in Georgia
6.  Nathan Welden ~ One Step Closer to You ~ One Step Closer to You
7.  Ken Oak Band ~ Cold of December ~ Vienna to Venice
8.  Deb Talan ~ A Kinder Columbus ~ Sincerely
9.  Rachel Garlin ~ I Have, I Will ~ Bound to Be Mountains
10.  Kelly Mulhollan ~ The Garden of Love ~ Never Ending Conversation
11.  John Gorka ~ Wisheries ~ The Company You Keep
12.  Chuck E. Costa ~ When the City Comes ~ Where the Songs Come From
13.  Storyhill ~ What was Wrong ~ Reunion
14.  Kris Delmhorst ~ Strange Conversation ~ Strange Conversation
15.  John Zambricki ~ As Is ~ Zambricki
16.  Deb Talan ~ Rocks and Water ~ A Bird Flies Out
17.  Stacey Earle ~ If It Weren’t For You ~ Simple Gearle
18.  Rosanne Cash ~ If I Were A Man ~ 10 Song Demo
19.  Betty Soo ~ Never the Pretty Girl ~ Heat Sin Water Skin
20.  Syd ~ 6:45 ~ Week Days, Weak Knees

Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, November 2009

December 2, 2009

Oh, yes, I love Krista Detor, too.  Three places in the Top 20 this month ~ no. 3, 6 and 11 ~ that could be a record!  The no. 3 song “More than I Dare Say” might just be my favorite all-time Krista song ~ although it’s SO hard to choose.  That album The Silver Wood Wintersongs is a beautiful  wintery Christmasy  work which I highly recommend.  I believe I gave away three copies as gifts last year!

Don’t tell anybody but I’m maybe not the world’s biggest Woody Guthrie fan.  But I loved Jimmy LaFave’s (no. 13) traveling Guthrie tribute The Ribbon of Highway when I saw it in Santa Monica this summer.  A rotating roster of wonderful musicians.  Catch it if you can!

Nathan Welden is a strong enough artist to represent San Diego all by his lonesome and he does it ably this month with his no. 16 ranked “Over My Shoulder”.  If you haven’t heard Nathan yet, please hop over to his website now and take a listen.  I’m always moved by his warm and natural voice and touching acoustic arrangements.  His most recent album is available at my favorite CD store CD Baby.

Thanks for voting everyone!  And thanks for listening to The Pie!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio
November 2009
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Danny Schmidt ~ Make Right the Time ~ part ii ~ Make Right the Time
2. Xavier Rudd ~ Shelter ~ Solace
3. Krista Detor ~ More than I Dare Say ~ The Silver Wood Wintersongs
4. Jakob Dylan ~ This End of the Telescope ~ Seeing Things
5. Tim O’Brien ~ Circles Around You ~ Odd Man In
6. Krista Detor ~ Icarus ~ Cover Their Eyes
7. The Weepies ~ Somebody Loved ~ Happiness
8. Deb Talan ~ A Kinder Columbus ~ Sincerely
9. Corinne West ~ Whiskey Poet ~ The Promise
10. Tracy Chapman ~ Telling Stories ~ Telling Stories
11. Krista Detor ~ Cover Their Eyes ~ Cover Their Eyes
12. Brooker and Bullen ~ Dark Place ~ Reciprocity
13. Jimmy LaFave ~ These Blues ~ Cimarron Manifesto
14. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova ~ If You Want Me ~ Once (Collector’s Edition)
15. Sarah Sample ~ Moonlight Band ~ Never Close Enough
16. Nathan Welden ~ Over My Shoulder ~ Live Your Song
17. Emily Kurn ~ I’m Just Like You ~ I’m Just Like You
18. Ellis Paul ~ Jester Fool ~ Urban Folk Songs
19. Don McLean ~ Winterwood ~ Legendary Songs of Don McLean
20. Tracy Chapman ~ Unsung Psalm ~ Telling Stories