Acoustic Pie is all about singer/songwriters. From 2002 to 2016 I ran a 24/7 Internet radio stream out of San Diego (hosted at Live365.com) which featured the best of genre-defying songwriters in (mostly) acoustic arrangements.  Live365.com closed its virtual doors in January 2016, unable to survive new legislation regarding royalty payments.  Acoustic Pie Radio along with thousands of other not-for-profit fan streams went silent that day.

When you’re done browsing the blog, please hop over to the website at AcousticPie.com and do a little browsing there.  And always feel free to leave a public comment on any of the blog entries or email me directly at kelley@acousticpie.com

~Kelley Eve Martin


2 Responses to About

  1. Lonna Marie says:


    My name is Lonna Marie and I think this blog is great! I am a singer/songwriter in the NY area and I’m trying to get my stuff out into the mainstream, but could use some help from any source I can. I see that you feature artists on this page and wanted to know how one can be submitted for that? As of right now I only have a youtube page with some videos. I update it once a week with a new original and a cover. I hope you find something to your liking and can get back at me! Thanks for taking the time!

    — Lonna Marie

    • Hi, Lonna Marie!

      Thanks for the question! Featured artists on Acoustic Pie are simply singer/songwriters whom I love who have a special event I’d like to let other fans know about. This will most often be the release of a new album but occasionally I’ll feature a favorite songwriter because of a big show happening here locally in San Diego.

      All Featured Artists and Picks of the Month are found in the Pie Archives at http://acousticpie.com/Archives.htm

      You’re at an exciting point in your adventures! Thanks for reaching out to Acoustic Pie!

      ~Kelley Eve

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