Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, June 2008

June 30, 2008

It’s your votes that determine the Top 20 ratings each month. So feel free to cast yours while you’re listening to Acoustic Pie. Your votes are also very helpful for me in deciding which songs to keep in the rotation and which artists to feature.

I’m thrilled to see three of Chris Pureka’s songs in the Top 20 this month (no. 9, 11,12). I love her, too ~ she was the Acoustic Pie Featured Artist in January 2007. And Teitur’s (another Featured Artist in December 2006) first album is really a gem (no. 17 & 18).

If you ever have a chance to catch Steve Seskin live, you should do so (no. 8)! He’s mostly known for penning top Nashville hits but he’s a great singer/songwriter himself ~ talented, charming and funny. I loved seeing him at the Bodie’s House Concert in January. I took my mom; she loved him, too.

For San Diego listeners, there were three local artists voted into the Top 20 this month: Gregory Page (no. 6), Angela Corea (no. 16), and Randi Driscoll (no. 19).

Thanks for voting! Thanks for listening!



Artist ~ Song ~ Album
(Links to all artists’ web sites are found on the Artists page on the Acoustic Pie website)

1. Johnsmith ~ Rooks In The Castle ~ Traveler
2. Tom Dews ~ No More to Roam ~ Driving Dreams
3. Eliza Gilkyson ~ Tennessee Road ~ Your Town Tonight
4. Jim Croce ~ Walkin’ Back to Georgia ~ The 50th Anniversary Collection
5. Dougie MacLean ~ Holding Back ~ Dougie MacLean with Strings
6. Gregory Page ~ November Night ~ Grace in Arms
7. Arlo Guthrie ~ Darkest Hour ~ In Times Like These
8. Steve Seskin ~ Last First Kiss ~ Live
9. Chris Pureka ~ Cruel and Clumsy ~ Dryland
10. Nanci Griffith ~ Big Blue Ball of War ~ Hearts In Mind
11. Chris Pureka ~ Dryland ~ Dryland
12. Chris Pureka ~ Compass Rose ~ Dryland
13. Corinne West ~ Writing on the Wall ~ Second Sight
14. Andrew McKnight ~ Times We’re Living In ~ Something Worth Standing For
15. Deb Talan ~ Tell Your Story Walking ~ A Bird Flies Out
16. Angela Correa ~ Bluebeard’s Bride ~ Red Room Songs
17. Teitur ~ Josephine ~ Poetry & Aeroplanes
18. Teitur ~ Amanda’s Dream ~ Poetry & Aeroplanes
19. Randi Driscoll ~ Angel in Chelsea ~ Lucky
20. Kris Delmhorst ~ Galuppi Baldessare ~ Strange Conversation

Acoustic Pie Newsletter, June 2008

June 28, 2008

Hi, Everybody!

We had enough new subscribers this month that I had this idea that, hm… maybe I should actually write a newsletter?

So here’s what’s on my mind today:

1. A Bit of Housekeeping
2. The Teitur and Helgi Hrafn Jonsson Show

1. A Bit of Housekeeping

A bit of housekeeping news: I sent last month’s blog as an emailed newsletter and I’ll be posting future newsletters here as blog entries. If you’d prefer to receive the newsletters as emails, you can subscribe here.

The Top 20 Songs are always posted each month on the website radio page: and you can now find the previous months’ Top 20 on this blog as well as in the MySpace blog at:

2. The Teitur and Helgi Hrafn Jonsson Show

I’ve been a fan of Teitur’s (a singer/songwriter hailing from the Faroe Islands) since his first show here in San Diego in Aug. 2004 [the new Google SEARCH button on the website is really handy for looking up stuff like that. Is anybody else using it?] Teitur’s May show at the Brick by Brick was my third time to hear him live. He had a fun and talented band with him ~ horns and backup singers and some occasional instruments I couldn’t exactly name :) The electric bass and drum set were too heavily and conventionally employed for my taste (Not to worry! I’m not going into that rant again. If you want to hear it again, you may read the latest rendition in last month’s post here ).

I’m a little disappointed in the direction Teitur is heading. The newest songs have an avant-garde feel, heavy on repetition, light on melody and not quite original enough to capture the imagination. His new album The Singer is in the same vein. I prefer the big melodies, simple arrangements, and thoughtful lyrics of his earlier work. But I do think it’s so important, especially for a young artist, to experiment and explore and follow his latest passions and curiosities where they lead. And I predict an assimilation of the best of the earlier and later writing in the future work of this bright and talented songwriter.

But! The highlight of the show was the last minute addition of a set from Teitur’s trombone playing back-up singer Helgi Jonsson, an Iceland native. Oh my gosh! He sings like an angel and he opened his set with an angelic, a capella, folk-tinged song that brought the noisy bar to a hush such as I’ve never heard there before. For the rest of his set he mostly played solo, accompanying himself with his acoustic guitar, and it was equally compelling.

is the best place to try out his songs; I recommend
Ashes Away” (a somewhat operatic, piano-based song), “Dry Run” (a simple and appealing acoustic guitar based song) and “Goandi” (soaring melody and some dramatic string arrangements; kind of reminds me a bit of Andrew Lloyd Webber). And there are a few videos on YouTube that can give you a sense of his charisma and stage presence here.

If Helgi actually had a CD available or a solo tour scheduled, I believe I’d place him on the home page as the Featured Artist. Maybe some day!

Thanks for reading! I always love to hear from you! You can leave a comment to share with everyone or email me at


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, May 2008

June 22, 2008

Here are the Top 20 songs on Acoustic Pie Radio for May 2008. Listeners vote while the songs are playing online, my host Live365 compiles the votes, and I report them at the end of the month :)

Have I mentioned Tom Kimmel before? My gosh, he has such a beautiful voice and is also a favorite songwriter of mine. This particular album Light of Day (no. 17) is unbelievably magical, my favorite of his to date. It is compiled of selections from his “working tapes” ~ the versions of the songs that he recorded, just him and his guitar, shortly after the songs were written in order to have a record of them. Check it out at (um-hm) my favorite record store CD Baby.

There are two San Diego artists in the Top 20 this month: Jason Mraz at no. 4 and Randi Driscoll at no. 15.

Thanks for reading, thanks for voting, and thanks for listening to Acoustic Pie!



1. Garnet Rogers ~ Empty Glass ~ Get a Witness
2. Danny Schmidt ~ This Too Shall Pass ~ Parables & Primes
3. Paul Simon ~ April Come She Will ~ The Paul Simon Songbook
4. Jason Mraz ~ You & I Both ~ Live
5. Darrell Scott ~ And the River is Me ~ The Invisible Man
6. Chris Pureka ~ Porch Songs ~ Driving North
7. Shawn Mullins ~ Yellow Dog Song ~ Beneath the Velvet Sun
8. Patty Griffin ~ Mary ~ Flaming Red
9. Patty Griffin ~ Burgundy Shoes ~ Children Running Through
10. Brad Davis ~ Ain’t That Just Like Love ~ This World Ain’t No Child
11. Sarah Sample ~ Moonlight Band ~ Never Close Enough
12. Sara Hickman ~ Comfort’s Sigh ~ Acoustic Rainbow Volume 26
13. Ben Bedford ~ Lincoln’s Man ~ Lincoln’s Man
14. Steve Chizmadia ~ It’s Always Texas ~ It Is What It Is
15. Randi Driscoll ~ What Matters ~ What Matters
16. Ellis ~ Words You Said ~ Undefended Heart
17. Tom Kimmel ~ Trip On Love ~ Light Of Day
18. Kristen Hall ~ Nothing ~ Be Careful What You Wish For
19. Joe Crookston ~ Bird by Bird ~ Able Baker Charlie & Dog
20. Eric Gerber ~ Boston By Friday ~ Boston By Friday