Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, August 2008

August 30, 2008

I just love this part of what I do! Getting to see what your favorite songs were each month is always a happy thing. Krista again (at no. 1)! Well, I agree! That album Wilderness Plots is a compilation of Indiana songwriters and it’s a gem. I’ll put in a word here for Michael White who is also featured on the album. You all haven’t taken to his work as much as I have ~ I’ll admit his sound is a little unconventional ~ but give him another listen, ok?

It’s no surprise to see some of the big hitters in the singer/songwriter genre in the Top 20 again: Bill Morrissey at no. 4, Jack Williams at no. 8, Dougie MacLean at no. 12 and David Wilcox at no. 14 & 19. (Um-hm, I linked to David Wilcox’s MySpace page in order to wow you with my appearance in his Top 8. I have absolutely no idea how such a freak occurrence happened but there you go! J ) Folk/pop icon Bob Dylan squeezed onto the list at no. 20 with a classic tune and Dale Marsh, a favorite Second Life artist of mine (aka TallGuy Kidd) was voted in at no. 10 with a beautiful song about planting trees instead of housing developments.

Two of my very favorite San Diego artists are on the list, too! Gregory Page at no. 6 and Carlos Olmeda at no. 15 as well as the adorable and talented San Diego duo The Flimz at no. 11.

Thanks for voting! Thanks for listening!

Acoustic Pie

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Krista Detor ~ Aurora Means Dawn – Wilderness Plots
2. John Batdorf ~ Ain’t It Like Home ~ Home Again
3. Erik Balkey ~ Angel Says to Me ~ Deadpan Alley
4. Bill Morrissey ~ By the Grave of Baudelaire ~ Come Running
5. John Eddie ~ If You’re Here When I Get Back ~ KPRI Live Tracks Volume 2
6. Gregory Page ~ Foolish Words ~ Knife In My Chest
7. Brooker and Bullen ~ Here, Now ~ Reciprocity
8. Jack Williams ~ Hushabye ~ Laughing in the Face of the Blues
9. Syd ~ Back Home ~ Fault Lines
10. Dale Marsh ~ Johnny Appleseed’s Lament ~ No Turning Back
11. The Flimz ~ Final Note ~ The Flimz
12. Dougie MacLean ~ Mary Queen of Scots ~ Who am I
13. Marybeth D’Amico ~ Oblivion ~ Heaven, Hell, Sin & Redemption
14. David Wilcox ~ Good Man ~ Vista
15. Carlos Olmeda ~ A Devil Like Me ~ Sensitive Groove
16. Arlon Bennett ~ Be the Change ~ Summer’s Voice
17. Antje Duvekot ~ South ~ Big Dream Boulevard
18. Sara Softich ~ Pipe Dream ~ Pipe Dream
19. David Wilcox ~ Falling For It ~ Airstream
20. Bob Dylan ~ Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right ~ Lovesick


Acoustic Pie Newsletter, August 2008

August 25, 2008

Hi, Everybody!

I have such a good reason for having put off the newsletter these last few weeks! You see, I was planning to write this brilliant blog about music lessons. It would have been really enlightening as well as entertaining. And I decided to wait to send out this newsletter so that I could be sure and mention the blog to you. Yes, ok, so I never got around to writing the blog. Maybe next month?

Here’s what’s on my mind today:

1. New Featured Artist: Jonathan Byrd
2. Acoustic Pie Radio Turns 6 Years Old
3. Top 30 Songs for July
4. For Locals Only ~ Some San Diego Stuff

1. New Featured Artist: Jonathan Byrd

There’s a new featured artist on Acoustic Pie this month. On my first day at the Sisters Folk Festival last year, I kept noticing this handsome, lanky man in a cowboy hat wandering the streets of Sisters, OR. It turned out that Jonathan Byrd and I were on the same mission that afternoon ~ trying to find Sisters’ only coffee house (it’s a good one). And his first show at the Bronco Billy’s stage was a pure delight. I’m very happy that he’ll be performing at the festival again in a few weeks and I’m so looking forward to hearing him. This festival is logistically magical (if there is such a concept). It’s beautifully run and beautifully situated.

If you want more samples, there’s another Jonathan Byrd song and video posted on my MySpace page this month.

2. Acoustic Pie Radio Turns 6 Years Old

Yes, Acoustic Pie Radio celebrated its sixth birthday last month. The stream went live on July 17th, 2002. I started the radio stream because my two favorite Internet stations had gone off the air, the broadcasters were worried about increased fees from the new digital copyright laws. I started the station so that I could listen to my favorite singer/songwriters at work but what a treat it was to see that other people were soon beginning to listen as well. One of my very first fan letters came from Japan. I dug it up to share with you:

Hellow I love this station. I like this kind of
music. but also country & these days bluegrass
too. Send us more good music. Take care.
by Gonzo.

Well, it was pretty exciting at the time :) And I still love to hear from listeners and am always discovering new artists thanks to your recommendations.

3. Top 30 Songs for July

And speaking of your recommendations! Thanks to everybody who kept insisting I should watch the movie “Once”. You were right! I loved it and I loved the songs. I bought the Collector’s Edition of the album and added four songs to Acoustic Pie. And, as you can see, “If You Want Me” made it into the Top 20 for the month of July.

4. For Locals Only ~ Some San Diego Stuff

And speaking of the movie “Once”! The songwriting duo is coming to San Diego as The Swell Season on Friday, Oct. 3. Anybody wanna come with? I’m expecting it to be a wonderful show and am planning on making it the Pick of the Month.

Also, you may have noticed that I won’t be maintaining the local show calendar any more? There are now so many good resources for finding shows that I’m hoping you’ll hardly miss it.

If you’re still with me, thanks for reading! Let me know how you’re doing! You may write to me directly via email or post a public comment on the blog.


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, July 2008

August 1, 2008

I’ve loved Tracy Chapman‘s music since I first heard “Talkin’ bout a Revolution” on the radio about a million years ago. And it’s a new recording of an old favorite that you voted into the no. 1 spot this month, “Baby Can I Hold You”. Tom Kimmel ~ again! ~ in the no. 2 and 9 spots and Chris Pureka makes another multiple appearance this month at no. 8 and 13.

Three San Diego artists are in the mix: Steven Ybarra (no. 5), Brenda Panneton (no. 7) and Steve Poltz (no. 10).

Thanks for voting! Thanks for listening!



1. Tracy Chapman ~ Baby Can I Hold You ~ Hear Music XM Radio Sessions Vol 1
2. Tom Kimmel ~ Pages ~ Light of Day
3. Mark Erelli ~ Evening’s Curtain ~ Hope & Other Casualties
4. Still on the Hill ~ Words On Birds ~ Chaos & Calm
5. Steven Ybarra ~ The Perfect Song ~ Love Love Love
6. Ellis ~ The Great Unknown ~ Undefended Heart
7. Brenda Panneton ~ Winter Jacket ~ An Emotional Woman
8. Chris Pureka ~ Compass Rose ~ Dryland
9. Tom Kimmel ~ That’s What I Love About Rain ~ Short Stories
10. Steve Poltz ~ 10 Chances ~ Chinese Vacation
11. Krista Detor ~ Aurora Means Dawn ~ Wilderness
12. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova ~ If You Want Me ~ Once (Collector’s Edition)
13. Chris Pureka ~ 3 a.m. ~ Driving North
14. Ben Bedford ~ Lincoln’s Man ~ Lincoln’s Man
15. Arlon Bennett ~ Be the Change ~ Summer’s Voice
16. Antje Duvekot ~ South ~ Big Dream Boulevard
17. Sarah Noni Metzner ~ Little Bird ~ Daybreak Mourning
18. Sara Hickman ~ To a Maddening Ghost ~ Motherlode
19. Eliza Gilkyson ~ Rose of Sharon ~ Your Town Tonight
20. Chuck E. Costa ~ When the City Comes ~ Where the Songs Come From