Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, January 2009

My, my ~ this month’s Top 20 is framed by two songs you could probably hear on regular ol’ broadcast radio. They are indeed great songs by some “big names”:  Damien Rice at no. 1 and an Emmylou Harris/Mark Knopfler duet at no. 20.  I also see that our voting listeners are feeling nostalgic for a few classic songs with Jeff Buckley (playing the only cover song on Acoustic Pie) at no. 6 and a beautiful oldie from Gordon Lightfoot at no. 9. That’s a new song by Ellis Paul at no. 2.  In case you don’t read the Acoustic Pie Newsletter, I did highly recommend that album, Ellis’s new one A Summer Night in Georgia”, recorded live at the legendary Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta.

San Diego songwriters are superbly represented by Carlos Olmeda (one of my favorite songwriters on the planet) at no. 7 and Jane Lui at no. 8.

Thanks for voting!  Thanks for listening!


Top 20 Songs, January 2009
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Damien Rice ~ 9 Crimes ~ 9
2. Ellis Paul ~ Black Top Train ~ A Summer Night in Georgia
3. Emily Kurn ~ I’m Just Like You ~ I’m Just Like You
4. Sarah Sample ~ Moonlight Band ~ Never Close Enough
5. Ken Oak Band ~ Cold of December ~ Vienna to Venice
6. Jeff Buckley ~ Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ ~ Grace
7. Carlos Olmeda ~ A Devil Like Me ~ Sensitive Groove
8. Jane Lui ~ Freddie Goodtime ~ Teargirl
9. Gordon Lightfoot ~ Lazy Mornin’ ~ Old Dan’s Records
10. Deb Talan ~ River ~ Rarities
11. Blue Highway ~ Homeless Man ~ Through the Window of a Train
12. The Weepies ~ Gotta Have You ~ Say I Am You
13. The Weepies ~ Little Bird ~ Hideaway
14. Emily Maguire ~ Back Home ~ Keep Walking
15. Danny Schmidt ~ Make Right the Time ~ part ii ~ Make Right the Time
16. Blue Highway ~ Life of a Travelin’ Man ~ Through the Window of a Train
17. Willy Porter ~ Dishwater Blonde ~ Willy Porter
18. Rj Cowdery ~ Now and Then ~ One More Door
19. Patty Griffin ~ Burgundy Shoes ~ Children Running Through
20. Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris ~ All the Roadrunning ~ All the Roadrunning


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