Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, November 2008

Again!  Krista Detor was voted into the Top 20 with two songs this month (another no. 1 listing and at no. 10).  I haven’t done the math but I’m sure she must be the most voted artist in the rotation on Acoustic Pie Radio. I’ve known Kelly Mulhollan of Still on the Hill since we were teenagers back in Oklahoma.  So I’m especially thrilled to see one of my favorite Mulhollan songs at no. 7 this month as well as my favorite song from the new Still on the Hill CD at no. 9.

Andy Whittle (no. 2) is wonderful.  He is a young UK songwriter with a fresh, acoustic, lilting sound ~ somewhat Beatle-esque but lighter and more wistful.  This song is from an earlier album but I also love his new album A Songmaker’s Tale.

The only San Diego artist to make the list was the fabulous Miss Randi Driscoll at no. 4.

Links to these and all of the artists on Acoustic Pie can be found on the Artists page at

Thanks so much for voting everyone!  And thanks for listening to The Pie!

Acoustic Pie

Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio
November 2008
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Krista Detor ~ The World Is Water ~ Cover Their Eyes
2. Andy Whittle ~ Apple Tree ~ Old Fashioned Dream
3. Shawn Hlookoff ~ Soldier ~ Both Sides
4. Randi Driscoll ~ Home to Stay ~ Lucky
5. Christopher Dallman ~ This Is Calm ~ Race the Light
6. Tom Kimmel ~ Trip On Love ~ Light Of Day
7. Kelly Mulhollan ~ Desert Dream ~ Never Ending Conversation
8. Victoria Williams ~ Rainmaker ~ Musings of a Creek Dipper
9. Still on the Hill ~ Take Me to the Other Side ~ Ozark: A Celebration in Song
10. Krista Detor ~ Aurora Means Dawn ~ Wilderness Plots
11. John Denver ~ Annie’s Song ~ The Wildlife Concert
12. Emily Kurn ~ Angeline ~ Things Change
13. David Wilcox ~ Eye of the Hurricane ~ Live Songs and Stories 9
14. Anais Mitchell ~ Before the Eyes of Storytelling Girls ~ Hymns for the Exiled
15. Tracy Grammer ~ The Verdant Mile ~ The Verdant
16. Teitur ~ Josephine ~ Poetry & Aeroplanes
17. Robby Hecht ~ Something, Somehow ~ Late Last Night
18. Natalia Zukerman ~ Favorite Shirt ~ Brand New Frame
19. Jonathan Byrd ~ Tape Full of Love Songs ~ The Waitress
20. Jonathan Byrd ~ Radio ~ The Waitress


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