Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, March 2013

Some of my favorite San Diego songwriters were voted into the Top 20 this month: Jason Mraz (at no. 3), Gregory Page (no. 4), and Amber Rubarth (no. 6). Gregory Page is a local San Diego treasure. In fact, I’m writing this newsletter today from Lestat’s coffee house where resides the “Gregory Page Stage”. He’s also a super prolific recording artist (I think I own 19 of his albums and I’m probably missing a few!) but that album All Make Believe might just be my favorite ~ sooooo many beautiful songs. You can sample or download it here at, where Acoustic Pie Radio is hosted, gives me geographical stats of which cities and countries are tuning into Acoustic Pie. When I first started streaming Acoustic Pie Radio, the vast majority of listening hours took place in the San Diego area where I’m based. But nowadays the most Acoustic Pie listeners are, in order by listening hours, in: 1) San Francisco, 2) Los Angeles, 3) New York City, 4) Wheeling – Steubenville (Ohio) and 5) Boston. I really need to look up where Wheeling & Steubenville are… but thanks for listening!

56% of Acoustic Pie listeners are in the U.S. and 13% are tuning in from Canada. Next up, in much smaller doses are Spain, Germany, Brazil, the U.K., Israel and Australia. But people also drop in from over 60 other countries including the Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, China and Korea, just to name a few.

No matter where you’re listening, thanks for tuning in and for keeping in touch! I love to hear from you.


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
March 2013

 Artist ~ Song ~ Album

 1. Cary Cooper ~ Drop in the Bucket ~ Pink Umbrella
2. Meg Hutchinson ~ Song to Ophelia ~ Any Given Day (Live Remastered)
3. Jason Mraz ~ Plain Jane ~ Hear Music XM Radio Sessions Vol 1
4. Gregory Page ~ Strange Birds ~ All Make Believe
5. Kai Welch ~ Broken Wavelength ~ Send It Down
6. Amber Rubarth ~ Washing Day ~ New Green Lines
7. Garth Wilwand ~ The Fields are Empty ~ Eyes of the Hurricane
8. Ray LaMontagne ~ Winter Birds ~ Gossip in the Grain
9. Nicole Simone ~ Melt ~ Nicole Simone
10. Lee Mottram ~ Human Dream ~ 40
11. Christopher Dallman ~ Light the Love ~ Light the Love
12. Arthur Lee Land ~ Serenity ~ Dragonfly
13. Teitur ~ I Was Just Thinking ~ Poetry & Aeroplanes
14. Sarah Jaffe ~ Swelling ~ Suburban Nature
15. Rita Hosking ~ Indian Giver ~ Burn
16. Marketa Irglova ~ The Hill ~ Once (Collector’s Edition)
17. James Hill ~ The Satisfactory Waltz ~ Man with a Love Song
18. David Llewellyn ~ Maybe Tomorrow ~ David Llewellyn
19. Dan Gonzalez ~ Two More Things ~ Public Square
20. Caroline Herring ~ Maiden Voyage ~ Camilla


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