Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, December 2012

On this, the last day of 2012, I make note of the variety, in particular the mix of the old and new, that are voted into the Top 20 almost every month. Krista Detor, a perennial favorite of yours and mine, appears at no. 4 *and* no. 8 this month. When I look at the new artists on the Top 20 list, Adrienne Frailey stands out as one that you might be particularly interested in. And that song, “My Gloomy Poem” at no. 3, is a particularly sweet, piano-accompanied, sad and wistful love-lost ballad. You can check out the CD or MP3 versions of that album Definitely at CD Baby

San Diego songwriters are also represented with a mix of old and new this month: Jeffrey Joe Morin, a newcomer to the Pie, debuts at no. 9 while Berkley Hart, San Diego’s favorite acoustic duo and among the first artists ever to appear on the Acoustic Pie stream, were voted in at no. 11 with a song from their newest album Crow.

Happy New Year, everyone! And thank you for listening to Acoustic Pie and for letting me know what you think.


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
December 2012

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Wailin’ Jennys ~ Asleep at Last ~ Bright Morning Stars
2. Brindl ~ Pink ~ Shine
3. Adrienne Frailey ~ My Gloomy Poem ~ Definitely
4. Krista Detor ~ The World Is Water ~ Cover Their Eyes
5. Kai Welch ~ Send It Down ~ Send It Down
6. Steve Tannen ~ If You Don’t Feel That Way ~ Stopped at a Green Light
7. Lynn Miles ~ Flames of Love ~ Black Flowers
8. Krista Detor ~ More than I Dare Say ~ The Silver Wood Wintersongs
9. Jeffrey Joe Morin ~ Losing Time ~ Big Ol’ Heart
10. Lisa Hannigan ~ Little Bird ~ Passenger
11. Berkley Hart ~ No Place Like Home ~ Crow
12. Abbie Gardner and Anthony da Costa ~ Someday ~ Bad Nights / Better Days
13. Sufjan Stevens ~ John Wayne Gacy, Jr. ~ Illinois
14. Antje Duvekot ~ The Life of a Princess ~ New Siberia
15. Sun Kil Moon ~ Salvador Sanchez (Acoustic) ~ Ghosts Of The Great Highway Bonus Tracks
16. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova ~ If You Want Me ~ Once (Collector’s Edition)
17. Tracy Chapman ~ Telling Stories ~ Telling Stories
18. Peter Mulvey ~ Coda: Ballymore ~ The Knuckleball Suite
19. Michael Penn ~ Bunker Hill ~ Palms & Runes, Tarot & Tea: A Michael Penn Collection
20. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton ~ Reading in Bed ~ Knives Don’t Have Your Back


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