Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, April 2013

May 1, 2013

The votes are in and listeners’ favorite songs for April are listed below!

Being based in San Diego and rather proud of our songwriting talent, it’s always fun for me to note the local artists who make the Top 20 each month.  For April, the smooth-crooning word-master Jason Mraz was voted in at no. 10 and local wunderkind Sara Watkins, all grown up into a  remarkable and beautiful songwriter, charted at no. 20.

Thanks for listening and for voting!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio
April 2013
Artist ~ Song ~ Title

1. Girlyman ~ Easy Pearls ~ Joyful
2. Nicole Vaughn ~ Gutter Leaf ~ Say it
3. Chasing June ~ Beautiful Mess ~ Under the Slate Grey Sky
4. Danny Schmidt ~ Little White Angels ~ Man of Many Moons
5. Dan Gonzalez ~ Two More Things ~ Public Square
6. Alexi Murdoch ~ Crinan Wood ~ Towards the Sun
7. Steve Allain ~ If Only (I Had Known) ~ thirteen
8. Richard Shindell ~ Fishing ~ 13 Songs You May or May Not Have Heard Before
9. Paul Simon ~ April Come She Will ~ The Paul Simon Songbook
10. Jason Mraz ~ Plain Jane ~ Hear Music XM Radio Sessions Vol 1
11. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer ~ Merlin’s Lament ~ Joy My Love
12. Christopher Dallman ~ Hard to Breathe ~ Light the Love
13. Chris Kokesh ~ Real as a Dream ~ I Never Knew
14. Caroline Herring ~ Maiden Voyage ~ Camilla
15. Antje Duvekot ~ Lighthouse ~ The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer
16. Amelia Curran ~ Tired Circle ~ Lullabies for Barflies
17. Meg Hutchinson ~ Gatekeeper ~ The Living Side
18. Barnaby Bright ~ Made Up Of ~ Made Up Of
19. The Weepies ~ Painting By Chagall ~ Say I Am You
20. Sara Watkins ~ Where Will You Be ~ Sara Watkins


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, March 2011

March 31, 2011

Happy Cesar Chavez Day!

Here are the Top 20 Songs for March 2011 as voted on by online listeners.  I was happy to see that John Gorka’s “Wisheries” squeaked in at number 20 as it is such a pretty song with the sweetest rhymes.  You can read the lyrics here.  That album also has the gorgeous WWII themed song “Let Them In”.  The origin of the lyrics is a little vague but they were in the possession of a nurse who served in the Philippines during the war.  Here’s a video of John performing “Let Them In” .

The storage space for the Acoustic Pie stream is *very* tight right now!  Be sure and vote for your favorites (and your not-so-favorites) to let me know which songs I should keep in the rotation (or not :)

Jason Mraz (no. 2) is the only San Diego artist to make the Top 20 this month but what a fine representative he is!   A beautiful voice and a beautiful wordsmith, too.

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening, everyone!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio
March 2011
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Patty Griffin ~ Moon Song ~ Patty Griffin: Live from the Artists Den
2. Jason Mraz ~ Plain Jane ~ Hear Music XM Radio Sessions, Vol 1
3. SONiA & disappear fear ~ Who I Am (Say Amen) ~ Blood, Bones and Baltimore
4. Richard Shindell ~ A Juggler Out In Traffic ~ Not Far Now
5. The Kennedys ~ Angels Cry ~ Positively Live
6. James Taylor ~ New Hymn ~ (Live)
7. Jackson Browne ~ These Days ~ Solo Acoustic, Vol.1
8. Emily Picha ~ Divisidero ~ Westerly
9. Catherine MacLellan ~ Dark Dream Midnight ~ Dark Dream Midnight
10. Kimya Dawson ~ Will You Be Me? ~ My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess
11. Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer ~ Snake-handlin Man ~ Seven is the Number
12. Storyhill ~ Dangerous Weapon ~ Shade of the Trees
13. Sarah Jaffe ~ Swelling ~ Suburban Nature
14. Peter Bradley Adams ~ From the Sky (from Traces) ~ Free EP
15. Girlyman ~ St. Peter’s Bones ~ Joyful Sign
16. Andy Whittle ~ Apple Tree ~ Old Fashioned Dream
17. Suzanne Vega ~ Gypsy ~ Close-Up Vol 1, Love Songs
18. Steve Meckfessel ~ The Shape I’m In ~ Under Beautiful Skies
19. Sacha Sacket ~ How Low? ~ Lovers & Leaders
20. John Gorka ~ Wisheries ~ The Company You Keep

Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, April 2009

May 3, 2009

Well, you certainly are consistent! Deb Talan is a frequent favorite on the Top 20 lists and here she is again at no. 1 with her duo The Weepies. Smart quirky lyrics and a voice you don’t easily forget are the signatures in all of her work. I’m so glad Kim Beggs re-released her album Wanderer’s Paean (no. 9) ~ it’s really lovely and rootsy without being the least bit fuddy-duddy. And you know how I feel about Christopher Dallman (no. 14)! If you want to help him to make his new album, you can make a donation using the “Chip In” button at

Two favorite San Diego artists were voted into the Top 20 this month: Berkley Hart (no. 12) and Jason Mraz (no. 13).

Thanks for voting and thanks for listening to The Pie!

Acoustic Pie

Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
April 2009
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. The Weepies ~ Painting By Chagall ~ Say I Am You
2. Mark Erelli ~ The Only Way ~
3. Storyhill ~ Love Will Find You ~ Storyhill
4. Michelle Lewis ~ San Francisco Bay ~ This Time Around
5. Ellis Paul ~ Friday Night ~ Am I Home
6. Tracy Grammer ~ Mother, I Climbed ~ Flower of Avalon
7. Sarah Sample ~ Moonlight Band ~ Never Close Enough
8. Donal Hinely ~ Louisville ~ Giants
9. Kim Beggs ~ Wanderer’s Paean ~ Wanderer’s Paean
10. Gordon Lightfoot ~ Mother Of A Miner’s Child ~ Old Dan’s Records
11. Girlyman ~ Reva Thereafter ~ Joyful Sign
12. Berkley Hart ~ Runnin’ For the Texas Line ~ Wreck’N Sow
13. Jason Mraz ~ Plain Jane ~ Hear Music XM Radio Sessions Vol 1
14. Christopher Dallman ~ Driving to You ~ Race the Light
15. Victoria Williams ~ Rainmaker ~ Musings of a Creek Dipper
16. Mary Chapin Carpenter ~ Stones in the Road ~ Stones in the Road
17. Marybeth D’Amico ~ Nothing Without You ~ Heaven, Hell, Sin & Redemption
18. Kate Campbell ~ Free World ~ Blues and Lamentations
19. K. C. Clifford ~ Stained Glass ~ Pockets Full of Hope
20. Chris Pureka ~ Come Back Home ~ Dryland

Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, Sept. 2008

October 1, 2008

With over 600 songs in the daily rotation on Acoustic Pie Radio, it’s somewhat unusual for the same song to be voted into the Top 20 two months in a row. This month, however, Krista Detor (no. 1 last month) returns with the same song at no. 9. And I’m glad I added a favorite old Still on the Hill song “Words on Birds” a few months back because it has also made two appearances on the Top 20 since being added (no. 4 in July and no. 17 this month).

CD compilations designed for radio promotion can be a mixed bag. But I always seem to find something I love on the Acoustic Rainbow Roots collections. This month, two such songs were also found liking by Acoustic Pie listeners: Cris Williamson’s at no. 8 and Sara Hickman’s at no. 12. You can also find these songs on the artists’ own albums by checking out their websites.

Jason Mraz admirably represents San Diego with a no. 3 showing this month as does John McGaraghan (no. 19) who used to live in San Diego and still drops in now and again!

Thanks for voting and thanks for listening to the Pie!

Acoustic Pie

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Steve Earle ~ Goodbye ~ Train a Comin’
2. Sons of the Never Wrong ~ Variations ~ Four Ever On
3. Jason Mraz ~ You & I Both ~ Live
4. Chris Pureka ~ Silo Song ~ Driving North
5. Andrew McKnight ~ Times We’re Living In ~ Something Worth Standing For
6. Tom Dews ~ No More to Roam ~ Driving Dreams
7. Slaid Cleaves ~ Don’t Tell Me ~ No Angel Knows
8. Cris Williamson ~ Alazan ~ Acoustic Rainbow Roots Volume 32
9. Krista Detor ~ Aurora Means Dawn ~ Wilderness Plots
10. Cheryl Wheeler ~ The Rivers ~ Mrs. Pinocci’s Guitar
11. Steve Chizmadia ~ It’s Always Texas ~ It Is What It Is
12. Sara Hickman ~ Comfort’s Sigh ~ Acoustic Rainbow Volume 26
13. David Wilcox ~ Last One Gone ~ Into the Mystery
14. Dar Williams ~ The Hudson ~ My Better Self
15. Mark Erelli ~ Once ~ Barn Raising
16. Erik Balkey ~ Have Mercy on the Fallen Soul ~ Deadpan Alley
17. Still on the Hill ~ Words On Birds ~ Chaos & Calm
18. John McGaraghan ~ Big Sky ~ Back in the Saddle
19. John Gorka ~ Wisheries ~ The Company You Keep
20. Ellis ~ The Great Unknown ~ Undefended Heart