Acoustic Pie Radio Goes Silent

Hello listeners and readers!, the hosting service for Acoustic Pie Radio, will close its virtual doors on January 31, 2016, unable to remain viable with the uncertainty of future legislation regarding royalty payments.  Acoustic Pie has always been a not-for-profit fan stream, generating no revenue and existing solely for the purpose of finding more listeners for my favorite singer/songwriters.  Acoustic Pie and thousands of other fan streams will go silent this month.

I started Acoustic Pie Radio in 2002 and it’s been a joy introducing my favorites to you and, even more so, hearing from you ~ both what you like and what you don’t!  I remember my first listener thank-you note came from a young lady in Japan.  Your appreciation has been appreciated!

So, as always, thank you for listening and for reading!  And I’ll look forward to seeing you at the next great show or festival :)

~Kelley Eve


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