More festivals, less typing!

Hello, all!

I’ve been rethinking the whole Acoustic Pie thing the last few months.  Specifically… how to make this hobby of mine ~ the radio station, website, blog, mailing list, playlist reporting, etc. ~ more fun and less work. So far I’m thinking… more festivals and less typing!

So I’ve been to three festivals in five months and I think I’m on to something!  The Sisters Folk Festival in Sisters, Oregon in September was just as exciting and relaxing as always. Greg Trooper is an artist that everyone should see live. I went to two of his showcases; I wish I’d gone to all three. His recorded work is often sort of country-rock arrangements with drums and bass but listening to him live on stage with just his guitar and harmonica is transfixing ~ a performance full of energy and insight and humor. Try out some YouTube videos for a taste.

I next went to the FAR-West Folk Alliance Regional Conference in Irvine, California in October. My favorite find there was the Canadian acoustic trio Red Moon Road. Great fun on stage, stylish and professional, and their album captures much of what I loved about them. You can screen and download their album on iTunes or Amazon.

And finally, my first national Folk Alliance conference in Kansas City, Missouri in February.  Fun, fun, fun.  They must have had a dozen stages running 30 minute showcases from 6-10pm every night and in every room you’d find a professional show with great sound covering genres from singer/songwriter to traditional folk to country folk to blues to bluegrass.  I’ll be back next year.

Hey, on a side note, I didn’t realize Tylan of Girlyman had released a solo album. It’s absolutely wonderful. You should buy or download it at CD Baby.

Thanks for reading and for listening to the Pie!

~Kelley Eve


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