Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, August 2012

Tom Waits was voted in at no. 1, Paul Simon at no. 7 and Jackson Browne at no. 11.

I love these guys, especially Paul Simon, but I’m very curious: What are the demographics of the listeners voting for these older, more established songwriters? Is it people like me who loved them in their heydays 30-40 years ago? Younger music lovers open to and discovering writers from the previous generation? At any rate, it’s truly exciting to see the classic singer/songwriters being well-received as it is to see the brand new comers to the Pie getting some attention such as Carsie Blanton (no. 8), Liz Longley (no. 9) and Joshua Radin (no. 17).

San Diego songwriters are represented this month by Tom Waits (no. 1), Lee Tyler Post at no. 3 and The Donnis Trio at no. 12.

Thank you for reading and for listening ;)


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
August 2012

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Tom Waits ~ Grapefruit Moon ~ Closing Time
2. William Fitzsimmons ~ You Still Hurt Me ~ Derivatives
3. Lee Tyler Post ~ Thunderclap ~ Emancipate
4. Joe Crookston ~ Caitlin at the Window ~ Darkling & The BlueBird Jubilee
5. Abbie Gardner and Anthony da Costa ~ Crazy in Love ~ Bad Nights / Better Days
6. Sun Kil Moon ~ Salvador Sanchez (Acoustic) ~ Ghosts Of The Great Highway Bonus Tracks
7. Paul Simon ~ Wartime Prayers ~ The Essential Paul Simon
8. Carsie Blanton ~ Every Punch You Throw ~ Buoy
9. Liz Longley ~ If You Want To ~ Hot Loose Wire
10. Justin Roth ~ She Dances ~ Shine
11. Jackson Browne ~ Sky Blue and Black ~ Solo Acoustic Vol. 2
12. The Donnis Trio ~ Tip of the Tongue ~ All Directions
13. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer ~ Merlin’s Lament ~ Joy My Love
14. Tom Prasado-Rao ~ Peace Be Still ~ Goodnight Regret
15. Rosie and Me ~ Bonfires ~ Bird and Whale
16. Ray LaMontagne ~ Winter Birds ~ Gossip in the Grain
17. Joshua Radin ~ You Got Growin Up To Do (featuring Patty Griffin) ~ Simple Times
18. John Gorka ~ Writing in the Margins ~ Until You Come Home
19. Devon Sproule ~ Come Comet or Dove (Live) ~ Live in London
20. Christopher Dallman ~ Little Bit of Blue ~ Never Was


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