Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, August 2011

I’d known about Ellis (at no. 1 this month) for several years but it wasn’t until I saw her live at Sisters Folk Festival last year that I fell in love with her and her music.  Definitely one of the most engaging performers I’ve ever seen.  That laugh!  You can’t help but laugh along.  Catch a show if you can and try out the rest of that latest album Right on Time ~ it’s great.  Gosh, there are a lot of links in this paragraph.  But, if you’re not all clicked out, here are some of my snapshots from that festival.

I’m always drawn to live performance recordings.  In the singer/songwriter world they tend to be less production-oriented and more acoustic.  There are three live songs voted into the Top 20 this month:  Damien Rice (no. 2), Kris Kristofferson (no. 5), The Kennedys (no. 15).

San Diego is represented by the lovely Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek (no. 10), Angela Correa (no. 13), and we always lay claim to Tom Waits, too (I especially love that song at no. 9).  Waits moved to San Diego as a child and as a adult had his first paying gig at the Heritage nightclub where he worked as a doorman.  According to Wikipedia ;)

Thanks for listening to the Pie and for voting for your favorites!


Top 20 Songs
Acoustic Pie Radio
August 2011

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Ellis ~ Coming Home to You ~ Right on Time
2. Damien Rice ~ I Remember ~ Live at Fingerprints: Warts and All
3. Teitur ~ Amanda’s Dream ~ Poetry & Aeroplanes
4. Susan Gibson ~ Passin’ Through ~ Tightrope
5. Kris Kristofferson ~ Moment of Forever ~ Broken Freedom Song: Live from San Francisco
6. David Gray ~ Kathleen ~ Draw the Line
7. Dan Baker ~ Day’s First Dream ~ Sad Song Junkie
8. Colin Devlin ~ The Heart Won’t Be Denied ~ Democracy of One
9. Tom Waits ~ In Between Love ~ The Early Years Vol. 2
10. Sara Watkins ~ Where Will You Be ~ Sara Watkins
11. Jennifer Leonhardt ~ Dido ~ Minstrel’s Daughter
12. The Ashley Gang ~ Confession ~ A Girl in Oklahoma
13. Angela Correa ~ Saint Dinan ~ Correatown
14. Tom Waits ~ Grapefruit Moon ~ Closing Time
15. The Kennedys ~ Distant Thunder ~ Positively Live
16. Christopher Dallman ~ Hollow High ~ Race the Light
17. Alphaeus Taylor ~ War and the Widow ~ War and the Widow
18. William Fitzsimmons ~ I Kissed a Girl ~ Derivatives
19. Karine Polwart ~ Rivers Run ~ This Earthly Spell (Expanded Edition)
20. Justin Roth ~ The Last Time ~ Now You Know


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