Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, June 2011

I was never crazy about that Jackson Browne song that was so popular when I was a kid “Doctor My Eyes”.   And I remember hearing “The Pretender” in high school but it never struck a chord with me.   But the Jackson Browne album coming in at no. 1 this month, the two volume 2008 live album Solo Acoustic, is a gem.  I’ve played five of the songs on the Pie so far this year and I’m happy to see that you all are enjoying them, too.

The no. 4 song is from Lori McKenna’s new album “Lorraine” ~ also a winner!  One of Lori’s earlier songs also made the list this month at no. 12.

San Diego local luminaries Cathryn Beeks and Carlos Olmeda were voted in at no. 13 and 19.  Carlos’s “A Devil Like Me” is an all-time favorite song of mine.  You’ll find it on CD Baby here.

Thanks, everyone, for voting and for listening!



Top 20 Songs
Acoustic Pie Radio
June 2011

1.  Jackson Browne ~ Enough of the Night ~ Solo Acoustic Vol. 2
2.  Krista Detor ~ More than I Dare Say ~ The Silver Wood Wintersongs
3.  Craig Werth ~ Beside the Tree ~ Hudson Harding Sampler, Volume 5
4.  Lori McKenna ~ All I Ever Do ~ Lorraine
5.  Gretchen Peters ~ Ghost ~ Burnt Toast and Offerings
6.  Chuck E. Costa ~ Amazing Grace ~ Tribes Hill: We’re All Here
7.  Alex Valentine ~ Tardis Heart ~ Tardis Heart
8.  Shannon Wurst ~ White Walls ~ What’s More Honest Than a Song
9.  William Fitzsimmons ~ I Kissed a Girl ~ Derivatives
10.  Ellis ~ Close to You ~ Right on
11.  Chasing June ~ Beautiful Mess ~ Under the Slate Grey Sky
12.  Lori McKenna ~ You Are Loved ~ Pieces of Me
13.  Cathryn Beeks Ordeal ~ This Time Next Year ~ Mood Swing
14.  Bruce Cockburn ~ Pacing the Cage ~ Slice O Life ~ Live Solo
15.  Rachael Yamagata ~ Elephants ~ Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart
16.  Patty Griffin ~ Burgundy Shoes ~ Children Running Through
17.  Jonathan Byrd ~ Father’s Day ~ Cackalack
18.  Jack Williams ~ Hand Me Down ~ The High Road Home
19.  Carlos Olmeda ~ A Devil Like Me ~ Sensitive Groove
20.  Amy Speace ~ Ghost ~ Land Like a Bird


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