Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, October 2010

Anyone who has ever read the Top 20 lists knows that Krista Detor is a favorite songwriter of mine and of Acoustic Pie listeners.   This month my favorite early Krista song “More than I Dare Say” was voted in at no. 2 while my newest favorite “Recklessness and Rust” came in at no. 20.  That new album Chocolate Paper Suites not only has the coolest title I’ve heard in years, it is also absolutely fantastically beautiful.  I’d recommend that you buy your copy at CD Baby (download or get the very pretty hard copy there).

Will Edwards, local San Diego songwriter extraordinaire, was the no. 1 pick of Acoustic Pie listeners this month.  I wish San Diegan Lindsey Troy (no. 13) would do some more recording.  I do so love her work.

Thanks for listening, thanks for voting!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
October 2010
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Will Edwards  ~ Pretty  ~ Contradiction
2. Krista Detor  ~ More than I Dare Say  ~ The Silver Wood Wintersongs
3. Amber Rubarth  ~ Washing Day  ~ New Green Lines
4. Sons of the Never Wrong  ~ Say Goodbye  ~ On A Good Day…I Am
5. Jann Arden  ~ Unloved  ~ Living Under June
6. Craig Lyons  ~ Dead Man’s Song  ~ On Reflection
7. Putnam Smith  ~ Goldrush  ~ Goldrush
8. Nathan Welden  ~ Living on Love  ~ One Step Closer to You
9. John Spillane  ~ When You and I Were True  ~ My Dark Rosaleen and the Island of Dreams
10. Erik Balkey  ~ Can I Make a Home  ~ While the Paint Dries
11. Storyhill  ~ Better Angels  ~ Shade of the Trees
12. Sarah Jarosz  ~ I Can’t Love You Now  ~ Song Up In Her Head
13. Lindsey Troy  ~ War  ~ Bruises
14. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova  ~ Falling Slowly  ~ Once (Collector’s Edition)
15. Jim Croce  ~ Time In A Bottle  ~ The 50th Anniversary Collection
16. Emily Kurn  ~ Symphony  ~ I’m Just Like You
17. The Chapin Sisters  ~ Can’t We Please  ~ Lake Bottom LP
18. Ingrid Michaelson  ~ The Way I Am  ~ Be OK
19. Ben Bullington  ~ White Sulphur Springs  ~ King Easy Radio Sampler, Volume 6
20. Krista Detor  ~ Recklessness & Rust  ~ Chocolate Paper Suites


3 Responses to Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, October 2010

  1. kileytoo says:

    I really like “war” by Lindsey Troy, I wish it was on sale as an mp3, either the song or the EP… (I am not even sure it’s on the EP ’cause I found no track listing)

  2. Hmmmm, I see what you mean Kileytoo! The EP track listings aren’t available on the web. So this will be my public service for the day:

    ARTIST: Lindsey Troy
    EP TITLE: Bruises
    DATE: 2007

    1. War
    2. Bruises
    3. Watch the Blood Run
    4. The Falling of Leaves
    5. All the Walls

    But Lindsey’s EP appears to only be available for purchase as a hard CD and only through her MySpace page at:

    Payment method is PayPal.

    End of Public Service Announcement :)


    • kileytoo says:

      …sweeeet! thank you also for playing the chapin sisters, they’re great and I really needed something new while waiting for the next from gillian welch…

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