Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, September 2010

I was happy yet baffled to see that  my two favorite artists at the Sisters Folk Festival last month were also voted in as the top two favorite artists on Acoustic Pie Radio:  Peter Mulvey at no. 1 and Chris Kokesh at no. 2.   (You can find the newsletter and slideshow from the festival on the Acoustic Pie Blog here. )  Were Pie listeners at the festival?  Were people who read the blog then  listening for those artists on the Pie?  Or is it just an amazing coincidence?  At any rate, I’m happy to see them both at the top of the list.  I’m crazy about Chris Kokesh’s new album October Valentine but this older  song “Real as a Dream” is about as pretty a fairy-tale love-story allegory as you’ll ever hear (if you can get your hands on a copy of her first solo EP I Never Knew).

I’m equally crazy about Portland songwriter Emily Picha’s album Westerly (no. 11).  You should listen to the samples on CD Baby and see if you don’t agree.

Two fantastic lady songwriters are representing San Diego in this month’s Top 20:  Amber Rubarth (no. 16-17) and Angela Correa (no. 19).  [Full disclosure:  Neither Amber nor Angie is currently residing in San Diego but we still love and claim them.]

Thanks for taking the time to vote while listening to Acoustic Pie!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
September 2010
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Peter Mulvey ~ Horses ~ The Knuckleball Suite
2. Chris Kokesh ~ Real as a Dream ~ I Never Knew
3. Folk Soul Revival ~ Part Two ~ King Easy Radio Sampler, Volume 6
4. Tom Kimmel ~ Never Saw Blue Like That ~ Never Saw Blue
5. Janis Ian ~ Joy ~ Folk Is the New Black
6. Jack Williams ~ No Longer Headed Nowhere ~ The High Road Home
7. Jon Brooks ~ War Resister ~ Until You Come Home
8. Gretchen Peters ~ To Say Goodbye ~ Burnt Toast and Offerings
9. Chuck E. Costa ~ Waiting for the Train ~ Where the Songs Come From
10. Natalie Merchant ~ Seven Years ~ Live in Concert
11. Emily Picha ~ Pokerface ~ Westerly
12. Catherine MacLellan ~ Dark Dream Midnight ~ Dark Dream Midnight
13. Syd ~ Back Home ~ Fault Lines
14. Kimya Dawson ~ Will You Be Me? ~ My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess
15. Jackson Browne ~ Going Down to Cuba ~ Time the Conqueror
16. Amber Rubarth ~ You Will Love This Song ~ New Green Lines
17. Amber Rubarth ~ Unfinished Art ~ New Green Lines
18. Krista Detor ~ A Traveler in Winter ~ The Silver Wood Wintersongs
19. Angela Correa ~ Saint Dinan ~ Correatown
20. Storyhill ~ Give Up the Ghost ~ Storyhill


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