Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, May 2010

I’m very happy that you’re still enjoying that wonderful acoustic duo Storyhill (no. 1 this month)!   You’ll now find three brand new Storyhill songs from their latest album Shade of the Trees in the stream as well.  New songs are always listed on the website in the Radio section.

Patty Griffin has been in the rotation since Acoustic Pie first began in 2002.  She’s just great ~ that’s all there is to it (no. 6 and no. 19).

San Diego artists in the Top 20 for May are Eve Selis (no. 3), Aaron Bowen (no. 11) and Calman Hart (no. 13).   Yes, we have some amazing songwriting talent here.

Thanks so much for listening and for voting, everyone!


Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Storyhill ~ Give Up the Ghost ~ Storyhill
2. Gretchen Peters ~ To Say Goodbye ~ Burnt Toast and Offerings
3. Eve Selis ~ Love Came Just in Time ~ Hey Nineteen
4. Chris Pureka ~ 3 a.m. ~ Driving North
5. Antje Duvekot ~ Lighthouse ~ The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer
6. Patty Griffin ~ When It Don’t Come Easy ~ Patty Griffin: Live from the Artists Den
7. Jann Arden ~ Unloved ~ Living Under June
8. David Wilcox ~ Open Hand ~ Open Hand
9. Darrell Scott ~ 6 O’clock in the Morning ~ Theatre of the Unheard
10. Bruce Cockburn ~ Celestial Horses ~ Slice O Life ~ Live Solo
11. Aaron Bowen ~ Song No. 2 ~ Macaroni
12. The Chapin Sisters ~ Bird Song ~ Lake Bottom LP
13. Calman Hart ~ Rosalee ~ The John Boy Drum
14. Cheryl Wheeler ~ Grey and Green ~ Pointing at the Sun
15. Amber Rubarth ~ Answer ~ Good Mystery
16. Sons of the Never Wrong ~ Head over Heels ~ On a Good Day…I Am
17. Stephen Kellogg ~ Such a Way ~ Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
18. Landon Pigg ~ Made for Glory ~ The Boy Who Never
19. Patty Griffin ~ Burgundy Shoes ~ Children Running Through
20. Patrick Fitzsimmons ~ Vermont Skies ~ Live: The Birthday Shows


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