Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, March 2010

Live365 (where Acoustic Pie Radio is hosted) uses a formula based on listeners’ votes and how many times a song has played to calculate the Top 20.  The formula looks at how many times listeners clicked BUY (this is very heavily weighted) or WISH or UP or DOWN and also how many times people changed the station during each song.  If the song has not played many times (say, if it’s new to the rotation that month) it has a slight advantage in the formula.

This month, newcomer Ian Axel grabbed the no. 1 AND the no. 4 spot in his first time on Acoustic Pie.  You should go see this young man perform.  He’s simply riveting ~ a natural performer and stunning musician.

A nice showing of  San Diego artists this month!  Jakob Martin at no. 7, Coco & Lafe (no. 14) and Eve Selis at no. 20.    We are incredibly lucky when it comes to songwriting talent in this town.

Thanks for voting and listening!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
March 2010

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Ian Axel ~ Gone  ~ This Is the New Year
2. Ellis Paul ~ Hurricane Angel ~ A Summer Night in Georgia
3. Patty Griffin ~ When It Don’t Come Easy ~ Patty Griffin: Live from the Artists Den
4. Ian Axel ~ Cannonball ~ This Is The New Year
5. Cheryl Wheeler ~ Since You’ve Been Gone ~ Defying Gravity
6. K. C. Clifford ~ My Smile ~ Pockets Full of Hope
7. Jakob Martin ~ Providence ~ Masking the Mirror
8. Danny Schmidt ~ Accidentally Daisies ~ Instead the Forest Rose to Sing
9. Anais Mitchell ~ Before the Eyes of Storytelling Girls ~ Hymns for the Exiled
10. John Spillane ~ Gortatogort (The Farm) ~ My Dark Rosaleen and the Island of Dreams
11. Girlyman ~ Everything’s Easy ~ Somewhere Different Now
12. Emma Hill ~ Clumsy Seduction ~ Clumsy Seduction
13. Dar Williams ~ February ~ Mortal City
14. Coco & Lafe ~ Cambridge Underground ~ Cafe Loco
15. Jonathan Byrd ~ The Cold & Hungry Night ~ This is the New That
16. Emily Picha ~ Alaska ~ Westerly
17. Abbie Gardner and Anthony da Costa ~ Someday ~ Bad Nights / Better Days
18. Rachel Garlin ~ Bound to be Mountains ~ Bound to Be Mountains
19. Lynn Miles ~ Surrender Dorothy ~ Black Flowers
20. Eve Selis ~ Cry ~ 10 Songs on Six Strings


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