Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, January 2010

I was tickled to see that listeners voted Acoustic Pie Featured Artist Amber Rubarth into the no. 2 spot this month!  We have a return visit by Kelly Mulhollan (no. 5) who gathered votes with his beautiful erotic love song “Desert Dream”.   Seeing two Don McLean songs (no. 7 and no. 11) makes me a very happy camper.  As a lot of you know, Acoustic Pie was named in homage to Don McLean and his “American Pie”  because, at the age of 12, American Pie was the first album I ever bought with my own allowance money.   I didn’t appreciate its simple depth and sad beauty at the time but over the years “Empty Chairs” (no. 7) has come to be one of my favorite all-time songs and is one of the longest running songs on Acoustic Pie having been in the rotation since the station started in 2002.  I’m glad to see you’re not tooooo tired of it yet.

Alex Woodard with his great country love ballad “Reno” is representing San Diego artists at no. 6.  That’s the talented San Diego native and Nickel Creek girl Sara Watkins singing the duet with Alex.

Thanks so much for voting for your favorites and for listening to The Pie!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio
January 2010
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. John Gorka ~ Writing in the Margins ~ Until You Come Home
2. Amber Rubarth ~ Loud Nonsense (and Whispered Secrets…) ~ New Green Lines
3. Ellis Paul ~ Hurricane Angel ~ A Summer Night in Georgia
4. Robyn Landis ~ She Don’t Have Your Eyes ~ Many Moons
5. Kelly Mulhollan ~ Desert Dream ~ Never Ending Conversation
6. Alex Woodard ~ Reno ~ Alex Woodard
7. Don McLean ~ Empty Chairs ~ Solo
8. Storyhill ~ What was Wrong ~ Reunion
9. Rachel Garlin ~ I Have, I Will ~ Bound to Be Mountains
10. Antje Duvekot ~ Dublin Boys ~ The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer
11. Don McLean ~ Winterwood ~ Legendary Songs of Don McLean
12. David Wilcox ~ Dream Again ~ Open Hand
13. Anais Mitchell ~ Before the Eyes of Storytelling Girls ~ Hymns for the Exiled
14. Krista Detor ~ The World Is Water ~ Cover Their Eyes
15. Corinne West ~ The Stranger ~ The Promise
16. Richard Shindell ~ Bye Bye ~ Not Far Now
17. Putnam Smith ~ I Think It’s Almost Summertime ~ Goldrush
18. Emily Picha ~ Alaska ~ Westerly
19. Emily Kurn ~ Symphony ~ I’m Just Like You
20. Lori McKenna ~ What’s One More Time ~ Paper Wings & Halo


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