Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, October 2009

That Weepies song in the no. 1 spot is so, so sweet.  And since Deb Talan is singing that track, it means that listeners have singled out five ladies for the top five spots in the Top 20 this month.

Putnam Smith (no. 16)  is a newcomer to my ear and to Acoustic Pie and I’m liking him very much.  Such a charming voice and style.  You’ll find four of his songs from that album in the current rotation on the Pie.

The talented and gorgeous Sara Petite (no. 15) and the fabulous songwriter/guitarist Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek (no. 8) are representing San Diego songwriters this month along with new local resident Lafe (no. 9) and The Flimz (no. 18).   San Diego music lovers have something else to cheer about as well:  Krista Detor (no. 3), a longtime favorite of Acoustic Pie listeners, is coming to San Diego on Nov. 14 opening for another Acoustic Pie artist Peter Mulvey at AMSD.  Um hm ~ I’ll be there!  Hope to see some of you!

Thanks for reading (and listening and voting)!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
October 2009

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1.  The Weepies ~  Gotta Have You ~  Say I Am You
2.  Rosanne Cash ~  Take My Body ~  10 Song Demo
3.  Krista Detor ~  A Red Bowl ~  Mudshow
4.  Kristen Hall ~  Nothing ~  Be Careful What You Wish For
5.  Ingrid Michaelson ~  Lady In Spain ~  Be OK
6.  Tim O’Brien ~  Circles Around You ~  Odd Man In
7.  Still on the Hill ~  Take Me to the Other Side ~  Ozark: A Celebration in Song
8.  Sean Watkins ~  Hello…Goodbye ~  Blinders On
9.  Lafe ~  Praying for Rain ~  Am I Gone
10.  Girlyman ~  St. Peter’s Bones ~  Joyful Sign
11.  Girlyman ~  Carols At Christmas ~  Joyful Sign
12.  Chris Kokesh ~  Real as a Dream ~  I Never Knew
13.  Stephen Kellogg ~  Such a Way ~  Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
14.  SONiA ~  Gangsters of Love ~  No Bomb is Smart
15.  Sara Petite ~  Gypsy Friend ~  Tiger Mountain
16.  Putnam Smith ~  Coming Out of the Gray ~  Goldrush
17.  Jakob Dylan ~  This End of the Telescope ~  Seeing Things
18.  The Flimz ~  In My Mind ~  The Flimz
19.  Tim O’Brien ~  Like I Used To Do ~  Odd Man In
20.  Syd ~  Back Home ~  Fault Lines 


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