Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, September 2009


Several favorite San Diego songwriters made the Top 20 list this month.   Sara Petite’s work (at no. 1 this month) is charming and rootsy ~ I’m so glad you all are enjoying her.   If you still haven’t “discovered” San Diego’s troubadour-in-residence Gregory Page, that album (no. 13) is a wonderful place to start.   And Jakob Martin’s “Providence” (no. 15) ~ what a sweet song!   San Diego artists make up less than 10% of the Acoustic Pie rotation so it’s  a testament to the talent this town lays claim to that so many make the Top 20 each month.

Thanks for voting for your favorite songs!  And, as always, thanks for listening!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie
September 2009
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1.  Sara Petite ~ Gypsy Friend ~ Tiger Mountain
2.   Emily Kurn ~ If I Am an American ~ Things Change
3.   Syd ~ Back Home ~ Fault Lines
4.  Ingrid Michaelson ~ The Chain ~ Be OK
5.  Krista Detor ~ Waterline ~ Cover Their Eyes
6.  Emily Kurn ~ Symphony ~ I’m Just Like You
7.  Tracy Chapman ~ Telling Stories ~ Telling Stories
8.  Stephen Kellogg ~ Such a Way ~ Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
9.   Helgi Hrafn Jonsson ~ Ashes Away ~ Aska
10.  Tracy Chapman ~ Baby Can I Hold You ~ Hear Music XM Radio Sessions Vol 1
11.  Kim Beggs ~ J’ai Besoin des Nuages ~ Wanderer’s Paean
12.   The Weepies ~ Gotta Have You ~ Say I Am You
13.  Gregory Page ~ Bumble Bees & Me ~ All Make Believe
14.   Kesang Marstrand ~ Bodega Rose ~ Bodega Rose
15.  Jakob Martin ~ Providence ~ Masking the Mirror
16.  K. C. Clifford ~ My Smile ~ Pockets Full of Hope
17.  The Weepies ~ All That I Want ~ Happiness
18.  Syd ~ Here’s a Love Song ~ Week Days, Weak Knees
19.  Jonathan Byrd ~ Coyote ~ The Law and the Lonesome
20.  Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova ~ Falling Slowly ~ Once (Collector’s Edition)

NOTE:  Links to all Acoustic Pie artists’ websites can be found on the Artists page at Acoustic Pie!


2 Responses to Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, September 2009

  1. Thank you for the spin on “Coyote.” The track after it, from “Once,” is the first iTunes purchase I ever made.


  2. And thank you for the great music, Jonathan! I love that album, The Law and the Lonesome. Ok, so I love all of your albums, lol.

    Thanks for the note!


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