Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, August 2009

What an interesting collection of songs you’ve voted into the Top 20 this month!  Not a single radio-based celebrity with the exception of John Denver at no. 6, a much underrated songwriter if I do say so myself.   A couple of brand new Acoustic Pie artists made the list, both great:  Rachel Garlin at no. 4 and Putnam Smith at no. 5.  And a bunch of San Diego artists are here including two songs from one of my local favorites Nathan Welden at no. 8 & 14.   The other wonderful San Diego songwriters on the list are Berkley Hart (no. 9) and John McGaraghan (no. 16).

Thanks for voting and thanks for listening to the Pie!

Acoustic Pie

Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio
August 2009

1. Robby Hecht ~ Along the Way ~ Late Last Night
2.  Kristen Hall ~ Nothing ~ Be Careful What You Wish For
3.  Kim Beggs ~ J’ai Besoin des Nuages ~ Wanderer’s Paean
4.  Rachel Garlin ~ Bound to be Mountains ~ Bound to Be Mountains
5.  Putnam Smith ~ Coming Out of the Gray ~ Goldrush
6.  John Denver ~ Annie’s Song ~ The Wildlife Concert
7.  Dale Marsh ~ Santa Fe September ~ No Turning Back
8.  Nathan Welden ~ Good Times ~ One Step Closer to You
9.  Berkley Hart ~ Runnin’ for the Texas Line ~ Wreck ‘N Sow
10.  Andy Whittle ~ Ten Thousand Miles ~ Songmaker’s Tale
11.  The Weepies ~ Sing Me to Sleep ~ Live in Ohio
12.  Noah Gundersen ~ Moss on a Rolling Stone ~ Brand New World
13.  Tom Kimmel ~ Pages ~ Light of Day
14.  Nathan Welden ~ Kite in the Wind ~ Live Your Song
15.  Kris Delmhorst ~ Strange Conversation ~ Strange Conversation
16.  John McGaraghan and Lee Simpson ~ Big Sky ~ Summertime in California
17.  Emma Hill ~ Clumsy Seduction ~ Clumsy Seduction
18.  Emily Picha ~ Divisidero ~ Westerly
19.  Lori McKenna ~ What’s One More Time ~ Paper Wings & Halo
20.  Irene Jackson ~ Miles Away ~


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