Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, July 2009

Congratulations to San Diego local Josh Damigo for taking the #1 spot this month!  That is a very sweet song, too.   Josh is the only San Diego artist to be voted into the Top 20 for July.  And as long as I’m addressing San Diego issues, I’ll just mention that Cheryl Wheeler (no. 7) is coming to town on Sept. 10 and is the Acoustic Pie Pick of the Month.  What a voice, what a writer, what a performer ~ I think you all should join me!

“Crazy in Love” (no. 8) is a favorite romantic country-flavored ballad of mine but the whole album is wonderful.  The songwriting is great, Abbie is a fantastic dobro player, and the duet harmonies are lovely.  Highly recommended!

Thanks for voting and thanks for listening to Acoustic Pie, everybody!


Top 20 Songs
Acoustic Pie Radio
July 2009

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Josh Damigo ~ Pocket Change ~ Pocket Change
2. Michael Berkowitz ~ Fisherman’s Daughter ~ A Song for Every Station
3. Willy Porter ~ One More September ~ Available Light
4. Richard Shindell ~ The Last Fare of the Day ~ Vuelta
5. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova ~ Drown Out ~ The Swell Season
6. Darryl Purpose ~ Bryant St. ~ A Crooked Line
7. Cheryl Wheeler ~ Grey and Green ~ Pointing at the Sun
8. Abbie Gardner and Anthony da Costa ~ Crazy in Love ~ Bad Nights / Better Days
9. The Weepies ~ Painting By Chagall ~ Say I Am You
10. Robby Hecht ~ Something, Somehow ~ Late Last Night
11. Ellis ~ City on Fire ~ 2008/2009 Music to Life
12. Chuck McCabe ~ Old Enemy ~ Sweet Reunion
13. Alex Valentine ~ Tardis Heart ~ Tardis Heart
14. Amos Lee ~ Long Line of Pain ~ Supply and Demand
15. Marty Atkinson ~ Town of Hope ~ Two Room Shack
16. Christine Kane ~ She Don’t Like Roses ~ Rain and Mud and Wild and Green
17. Bill Morrissey ~ Holder’s Blues ~ Come Running
18. Shawn Hlookoff ~ Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This ~ Both Sides
19. Mark Erelli ~ Once ~ Barn Raising
20. Lori McKenna ~ Stealing Kisses ~ Bittertown


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