Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, June 2009

Verrrry interesting!  Girlyman’s “Commander”, which squeaked onto the list last month at no. 20 was listeners’ top pick this month.  Have any of you caught a show from their current tour?  The San Diego concert was wonderful!   I just bought last year’s live album will be adding several songs to the Pie in the next few days.  Yes, it’s great, too.

Do you know who Kristen Hall is (no. 3 this month)? She was the third songwriter in the country trio Sugarland before they became a duo.  Wikipedia says she started her music career as a roadie for the Indigo Girls.  I like her solo work.  I hope she puts out another album soon.

San Diego artists are represented by Lindsey Yung at no. 5, Calman Hart (no. 11) and Gregory Page at no. 13.

Thanks for voting and listening to Acoustic Pie!


Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Girlyman ~ Commander ~ Hail to the Thieves, Volume III
2. Lori McKenna ~ How To Survive ~ Unglamorous
3. Kristen Hall ~ Nothing ~ Be Careful What You Wish For
4. Ellis ~ City on Fire ~ 2008/2009 Music to Life
5. Lindsey Yung ~ Providence ~ Opal Essence
6. Ingrid Michaelson ~ The Chain ~ Be OK
7. Ellis ~ Words You Said ~ Undefended Heart
8. Damien Rice ~ 9 Crimes ~ 9
9. David Wilcox ~ Beyond Belief ~ Open Hand
10. Jakob Dylan ~ On Up the Mountain ~ Seeing Things
11. Calman Hart ~ Barrel Of Rain ~ The John Boy Drum
12. Bob Sima ~ Last Resort ~ Pour It On
13. Gregory Page ~ Dusty Road ~ Bird in a Cage
14. Erik Balkey ~ Always One More Round ~ Sanctuary Road
15. The Weepies ~ Little Bird ~ Hideaway
16. Jonathan Byrd ~ The Ballad of Larry ~ The Waitress
17. Richard Shindell ~ Fenario ~ Vuelta
18. Patty Griffin ~ Burgundy Shoes ~ Children Running Through
19. Ingrid Michaelson ~ The Way I Am ~ Be OK
20. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer ~ Red (Elegy) ~ Seven is the Number


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