Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, May 2009

I have a confession.  I just spent $44.09 on eBay for a used copy of Deb Talan’s out-of-print and extremely hard to find album Sincerely. Now, I am not a collector, unless you count those Jack-in-the-Box antenna balls that I collect to put on my car antenna so I can find it in a parking lot, but I’ve always wanted that album and somebody thwarted my bidding attempt (was it one of you, hm?) last year at $36.01. But still ~ I’d been feeling a bit self-conscious about the expense and I feel so much better now that I see, once again, that Acoustic Pie listeners have voted two of Deb’s songs into the top of the Top 20 at no. 2 & 4.  So please listen for new (and rare!) Deb Talan tracks next month!

David Wilcox’s new album “Open Hand” (no. 7) is lovely.  Maybe you’ve noticed that he’s the Featured Artist over on the website this month?

I love the acoustic trio Girlyman (no.6 & 20).  In fact, I see they have a new “live” album out! I’ll order a copy today and try to get some new tracks up next week.  And they’re coming to LeStat’s in San Diego on June 20 ~ San Diego listeners, we are in for a treat!

A slew of San Diego artists made the Top 20:  Steve Poltz (no. 5), Michael Tiernan (no. 12), John McGaraghan (no. 14) and Jason Mraz (no. 19).

Thanks for voting and thanks for listening, everyone!


Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie, May 2009

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Lucy Kaplansky ~ Song For Molly ~ Lucy Kaplansky ~ Parkinsong Volume One : 38 Songs of Hope
2. Deb Talan ~ Forgiven ~ Something Burning
3. Greg Greenway ~ Rosa Parks ~ Weightless
4. Deb Talan ~ River ~ Rarities
5. Steve Poltz ~ Leavin’ Again ~ One Left Shoe
6. Girlyman ~ St. Peter’s Bones ~ Joyful Sign
7. David Wilcox ~ Dream Again ~ Open Hand
8. Arlo Guthrie ~ In Times Like These ~ In Times Like These
9. Jonathan Byrd ~ Radio ~ The Waitress
10. Tom Dews ~ No More to Roam ~ Driving Dreams
11. Patty Griffin ~ Be Careful ~ 1,000 Kisses
12. Michael Tiernan ~ You Hide ~ Spaces
13. Lori McKenna ~ Fireflies ~ Pieces of Me
14. John McGaraghan and Lee Simpson ~ Big Sky ~ Summertime in California
15. Dale Marsh ~ Johnny Appleseed’s Lament ~ No Turning Back
16. Bob Dylan ~ Lay Lady Lay ~ Biograph
17. Natalia Zukerman ~ Better Me ~ Brand New Frame
18. Krista Detor ~ More Than I Dare Say ~ Wilderness Plots
19. Jason Mraz ~ Plain Jane ~ Hear Music XM Radio Sessions Vol 1
20. Girlyman ~ Commander ~ Hail to the Thieves, Volume III


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  1. would like to send the new Ellis Paul CD your way… can you get me your address?


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