Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, March 2009

Well, this was an interesting month for Top Picks by listeners! Almost all of the Top 20 songs are by little-known artists that you won’t find on conventional broadcast radio. I caught a Chris Kokesh (no. 2) show at Sisters Folk Festival this fall and immediately had to have her album. She has such a sweet voice and interesting lyrics, too. And Arlan Feiles (no. 18) is a songwriter worth pointing out. I’ve never caught him live but his recorded work is very powerful. There is definitely something sublimely Dylan-esque about him.

Lindsey Yung (no. 16) and Will Edwards (no. 19) represent the San Diego singer/songwriter scene for us this month!

Thanks for voting! Thanks for listening!


Top 20 Songs
March 2009

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Susan Levine ~ 20 Million Reasons ~ Atlas
2. Chris Kokesh ~ I Never Knew ~ I Never Knew
3. Kim Beggs ~ Wanderer’s Paean ~ Wanderer’s Paean
4. Eric Taylor ~ Carnival Jim and Jean ~ Hollywood Pocketknife
5. The Refugees ~ On My Way ~ Unbound
6. Rj Cowdery ~ County Road ~ One More Door
7. Lori McKenna ~ Fireflies ~ Pieces of Me
8. Darrell Scott ~ And the River is Me ~ The Invisible Man
9. Jenee Halstead ~ Nick Drake ~ The River Grace
10. Dougie MacLean ~ Mary Queen of Scots ~ Who am I
11. John Parker Compton ~ Pascal’s Paradox ~ LIVE at Turk’s Head Coffeehouse
12. Carrie Elkin ~ Black Lung ~ The Jeopardy of Circumstance
13. Steve Chizmadia ~ Little Voice ~ It Is What It Is
14. Sarah Sample ~ Moonlight Band ~ Never Close Enough
15. Martha Berner ~ A Town Called Happiness ~ This Side of Yesterday
16. Lindsey Yung ~ Providence ~ Opal Essence
17. Arlo Guthrie ~ City of New Orleans ~ In Times Like These
18. Arlan Feiles ~ Worthless ~ Come Sunday Morning
19. Will Edwards ~ City Walls ~ Lookout Rd.
20. SONiA ~ Gangsters of Love ~ No Bomb is Smart


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