Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, Oct. 2008

I have so~o~o~o many favorite Gregory Page songs that it’s just plain silly to single out one. But, if I did decide to attempt such a silly thing, I might just pick “Bumblebees and Me” (see no. 9). And, I notice that Gregory is the only San Diego artist in the Top 20 this month. Speaking of favorite songs… I believe “Empty Chairs” at no. 11 is probably my favorite Don McLean song of all time. So simple and so beautiful. You can listen to it at his MySpace fan page at

I suppose we should just get used to seeing Krista Detor on the Top 20 list (no. 7). You all seem to vote her back on most months! Excellent taste! Have you noticed Storyhill in the rotation (no. 19)? They’re an acoustic duo out of Minnesota. I love their work ~ tons of energy and harmonies.

Thanks for voting everybody! Thanks for listening!

Acoustic Pie

Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio
October 2008
Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Tracy Chapman ~ Unsung Psalm ~ Telling Stories
2. Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris ~ All the Roadrunning ~ All the Roadrunning
3. Eliza Gilkyson ~ Tennessee Road ~ Your Town Tonight
4. David Wilcox ~ Falling For It ~ Airstream
5. Still on the Hill ~ Take Me to the Other Side ~ Ozark: A Celebration in Song
6. Nancy K. Dillon ~ O Susanna ~ Just Let Me Dream
7. Krista Detor ~ Aurora Means Dawn ~ Wilderness Plots
8. Janis Ian ~ The Great Divide ~ Folk is the New Black
9. Gregory Page ~ Bumble Bees & Me ~ All Make Believe
10. The Garden Verge ~ Shadow of a Habit ~ Shadow of a Habit
11. Don McLean ~ Empty Chairs ~ Solo
12. Catherine MacLellan ~ Snow Day ~ Church Bell Blues
13. Stacey Earle ~ If It Weren’t For You ~ Simple Gearle
14. Patty Griffin ~ Mary ~ Flaming Red
15. Kris Delmhorst ~ Galuppi Baldessare ~ Strange Conversation
16. Girlyman ~ Easy Pearls ~ Joyful Sign
17. Catie Curtis ~ Sing ~ Sweet Life
18. The Weepies ~ Little Bird ~ Hideaway
19. Storyhill ~ Highlight ~ Storyhill
20. Stephen Fearing ~ Johnny’s Lament ~ Yellowjacket


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