Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, Sept. 2008

With over 600 songs in the daily rotation on Acoustic Pie Radio, it’s somewhat unusual for the same song to be voted into the Top 20 two months in a row. This month, however, Krista Detor (no. 1 last month) returns with the same song at no. 9. And I’m glad I added a favorite old Still on the Hill song “Words on Birds” a few months back because it has also made two appearances on the Top 20 since being added (no. 4 in July and no. 17 this month).

CD compilations designed for radio promotion can be a mixed bag. But I always seem to find something I love on the Acoustic Rainbow Roots collections. This month, two such songs were also found liking by Acoustic Pie listeners: Cris Williamson’s at no. 8 and Sara Hickman’s at no. 12. You can also find these songs on the artists’ own albums by checking out their websites.

Jason Mraz admirably represents San Diego with a no. 3 showing this month as does John McGaraghan (no. 19) who used to live in San Diego and still drops in now and again!

Thanks for voting and thanks for listening to the Pie!

Acoustic Pie

Artist ~ Song ~ Album

1. Steve Earle ~ Goodbye ~ Train a Comin’
2. Sons of the Never Wrong ~ Variations ~ Four Ever On
3. Jason Mraz ~ You & I Both ~ Live
4. Chris Pureka ~ Silo Song ~ Driving North
5. Andrew McKnight ~ Times We’re Living In ~ Something Worth Standing For
6. Tom Dews ~ No More to Roam ~ Driving Dreams
7. Slaid Cleaves ~ Don’t Tell Me ~ No Angel Knows
8. Cris Williamson ~ Alazan ~ Acoustic Rainbow Roots Volume 32
9. Krista Detor ~ Aurora Means Dawn ~ Wilderness Plots
10. Cheryl Wheeler ~ The Rivers ~ Mrs. Pinocci’s Guitar
11. Steve Chizmadia ~ It’s Always Texas ~ It Is What It Is
12. Sara Hickman ~ Comfort’s Sigh ~ Acoustic Rainbow Volume 26
13. David Wilcox ~ Last One Gone ~ Into the Mystery
14. Dar Williams ~ The Hudson ~ My Better Self
15. Mark Erelli ~ Once ~ Barn Raising
16. Erik Balkey ~ Have Mercy on the Fallen Soul ~ Deadpan Alley
17. Still on the Hill ~ Words On Birds ~ Chaos & Calm
18. John McGaraghan ~ Big Sky ~ Back in the Saddle
19. John Gorka ~ Wisheries ~ The Company You Keep
20. Ellis ~ The Great Unknown ~ Undefended Heart


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