Top 20 Songs on Acoustic Pie Radio, June 2008

It’s your votes that determine the Top 20 ratings each month. So feel free to cast yours while you’re listening to Acoustic Pie. Your votes are also very helpful for me in deciding which songs to keep in the rotation and which artists to feature.

I’m thrilled to see three of Chris Pureka’s songs in the Top 20 this month (no. 9, 11,12). I love her, too ~ she was the Acoustic Pie Featured Artist in January 2007. And Teitur’s (another Featured Artist in December 2006) first album is really a gem (no. 17 & 18).

If you ever have a chance to catch Steve Seskin live, you should do so (no. 8)! He’s mostly known for penning top Nashville hits but he’s a great singer/songwriter himself ~ talented, charming and funny. I loved seeing him at the Bodie’s House Concert in January. I took my mom; she loved him, too.

For San Diego listeners, there were three local artists voted into the Top 20 this month: Gregory Page (no. 6), Angela Corea (no. 16), and Randi Driscoll (no. 19).

Thanks for voting! Thanks for listening!



Artist ~ Song ~ Album
(Links to all artists’ web sites are found on the Artists page on the Acoustic Pie website)

1. Johnsmith ~ Rooks In The Castle ~ Traveler
2. Tom Dews ~ No More to Roam ~ Driving Dreams
3. Eliza Gilkyson ~ Tennessee Road ~ Your Town Tonight
4. Jim Croce ~ Walkin’ Back to Georgia ~ The 50th Anniversary Collection
5. Dougie MacLean ~ Holding Back ~ Dougie MacLean with Strings
6. Gregory Page ~ November Night ~ Grace in Arms
7. Arlo Guthrie ~ Darkest Hour ~ In Times Like These
8. Steve Seskin ~ Last First Kiss ~ Live
9. Chris Pureka ~ Cruel and Clumsy ~ Dryland
10. Nanci Griffith ~ Big Blue Ball of War ~ Hearts In Mind
11. Chris Pureka ~ Dryland ~ Dryland
12. Chris Pureka ~ Compass Rose ~ Dryland
13. Corinne West ~ Writing on the Wall ~ Second Sight
14. Andrew McKnight ~ Times We’re Living In ~ Something Worth Standing For
15. Deb Talan ~ Tell Your Story Walking ~ A Bird Flies Out
16. Angela Correa ~ Bluebeard’s Bride ~ Red Room Songs
17. Teitur ~ Josephine ~ Poetry & Aeroplanes
18. Teitur ~ Amanda’s Dream ~ Poetry & Aeroplanes
19. Randi Driscoll ~ Angel in Chelsea ~ Lucky
20. Kris Delmhorst ~ Galuppi Baldessare ~ Strange Conversation


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